The Assembly Place invests in 2MR Labs with Temasek’s Heliconia Capital and VC Lucid Blue Ventures

Founded and ventured in Singapore, The Assembly Place which is a co-living company, make a loud declaration that its funds are injected in 2MR Labs (Tomorrow Labs), a company founded by Arthur Lin and Takahiro Irie in June 2K22, with a specific target of tomorrow to bridge Web2 businesses to Web3 technologies.

2MR Labs, which is funded by The Assembly Place, alongside Temasek’s Heliconia Venture Capitalist and Social Elitist Lucid Blue Ventures, which laser eyed on beginning venturing phase projects in DeFi (decentralised finance), gaming and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). However, the amount invested by the firms was not disclosed.
“We invested in 2MR Labs because of their ability to build our community in the web3 space,” says Eugene Lim, founder and CEO of The Assembly Place. “Our members who are mostly 30 years and below and are well-versed, skilled in this field. Apart from renting a room with us, we want them to continue to be our members even after leaving the place.”
Lim have in mind all along to launch a web3 platform Through 2MR Labs’ services, where current and past activists can exchange ideas, debate while enjoying membership collaboration with diversed suppliers.
Lim firmly envisioned its manifestation it is now or never to launch a web3 platform as The Assembly Place inventory piled up to 3,000 members (past and present) and more than 1,300 operational rooms. the inventory which estimate is about 1,500 rooms Including those to be completed in the coming months.
utilizing 2MR Lab’s Web3 services joint-partnership which include Weston Corp’s Limited Edt (Limited Edition) platform. Collaboration venture with Singapore Nike and Club 21, 2MR Labs directed Limited Edt Singapore’s first NFT collection of 60 unique digital art pieces with purchases of exquisite authentic Nike,  the collection was sold out since its Launch on August 20, 2K22,.

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